Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Basketball Skills and Drills - Two Imperative Sessions in Basketball Game

Coaching kids’ basketball is a rewarding, fun experience.  At times, however, it can be frustrating coming up with the right kind of basketball drills for your team. If your basketball team is composed of players who are new to the game or don’t have much experience, your drills should cater to this and should focus on the basics of playing the game. Keeping these things in mind, Larry Hughes Basketball Academy offers multifarious drill sessions, which are perfect for beginners to experts.

Purpose of the Stance Footwork Drill
The stance is one of the most important factors of coaching kids’ basketball skills. If your players use an incorrect, offensive or defensive stance, they lose the ability to react quickly and change direction with the flow of the game. The stance footwork basketball skill and the drill will help your players work on always having the correct stance during the game.

How the Beginner Basketball Skill and Drill Works
To start, break your team up into couples. One of the pairs will start out by giving the commands. When he or she gives the “Stance” command, the other player is to assume the defensive stance: head directly over the waist, back straight, hands kept above the waist, arms close to the body, elbows fixed, feel about shoulder-width apart, weight distributed evenly on the balls of the feet, and knees slightly flexed. With the player gives the “Go” command, their partner is to move their feet up and down as quickly as possible while maintaining the correct offensive stance form. This continues for ten seconds or until the “Stop” command is given. 

Do the three repetitions of this basketball skill and drill during practice. Each repetition should last for ten-second rest intervals.

When you lead this kid’s basketball skill and drill, tell your team to keep the following in mind:

  • Always double-check to ensure that you are incorrect offensive stance
  • Move your feet as quickly as you can
  • Your goal should be to have your feet hit the ground forty to fifty times during each ten-second session

Variation of this Young Basketball Skill and Drill
If your players want to try out an advanced version of this drill during basketball practice join youth basketball drills or tell them to try the following:

Instead of sticking to ten-second repetitions, try to mix it with the ten-second rest intervals. Instruct the player that they are allowed to shoot out the “Stop” and “Go” commands twice during each repetition. This will not only help your players work on their offensive stance, but it will also help them work on their reaction time so that they are always ready for anything during a play.
This is just one of many basketball skill and drill sessions for kids focusing on offensive stance. Be sure to remind your players that doing drills during practice will only make them stronger and better out on the court.

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